Saturday, April 28, 2012

Screencasting With Educreations + the iPad Camera

For the past two days, I've had my 7th graders working on a screencasting project.  We're currently working in a unit focused on prisms and calculating the surface area and volume of prisms.  I gave each pair of students a rectangular prism (a box of some sort), and had them measure its dimensions, calculate the surface area and volume of the prism, and screencast their work--complete with pictures of each of the 3 views of the prism as well as their narration of their work.
I had my students use the Educreations app--and, for the first time, we imported pictures they took onto the whiteboard workspace.  This was VERY easy and super slick.  Students can take a picture, easily size the picture with multi-touch gestures, drag the picture wherever they want, and notate directly on the picture.
Below are several examples of my student's work--they're not all perfect, but definitely demonstrate their learning and growth! (plus one of the best features of the screencast is that I can personalize my responses/help to each student after listening to their work):