Saturday, January 14, 2012

Using Google Forms With Students

I've been using google forms for the past few weeks in my classroom by having my students reflect on their iPad experince.  I've had them fill out this form after they've used an iPad in class.  I have LOVED how efficient it has been to get information from my students as well as the ease of reading their input.  Here's a sample of my student responses to the ipad reflection form:
What an easy and fast way to have students reflect on their iPad work and provide some metacognition on their learning!
I also made a shortcut to the google form (which is linked on my class webpage) on each of my student iPads that sends them directly to the google form.  I then put that shortcut in the dock of each iPad, so they have easy access:


  1. Nate,
    I was just showing the LINKS class this option of using GForms for formative assessment on Wednesday! I'm glad to see it working in action! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for making it an #EduWin! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Mike! I've been very pleased with the efficiency of google forms...and know that many other teachers in 273 are/could benefit from them!